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  • Yusuf Estes Visiting Lincoln Nebraska
  • Yusuf Estes Visiting Lincoln Nebraska
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Welcome to the Islamic Foundation of Lincoln (IFL).

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahma Allah Tullahi Wa Barakatuhu. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. The Islamic Foundation of Lincoln is a humble, yet fast growing Muslim community located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We represent the Muslim community of the capital city upon the teachings of Ahl- Sunnah Wal- Jama'a. We hold weekly Jumuah prayers given by our Imam. The IFL also has a variety of different activities from Saturday halaqat gatherings, Quran academy and part- time Al- Rahmah school for youth, Women's committee, and visits from a variety of Church's and people of different faiths. All are welcome to visit our community and get to know the people from many corners of the world. Contact us now to set up a visit!.

Our Core Values

The main objectives and goals of the Foundation are:

  • To help Muslims in the city of Lincoln and the surrounding areas to carry out activities in the pursuance of Islam as a complete way of life.
  • To conduct religious, social, civic, charitable, literary, athletic, scientific research and other Islamic activities in a manner befitting the teachings of Islamic Law of the Ahli-Sunnah Wa-al Jamaah sect of Islam, as defined in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). The IFL shall also consult with respected and recognized Islamic scholars, and adopt the majority option of scholars from the four schools of thought.
  • To foster a Muslim community based on Islamic principles of equality, mutual help and Islamic teachings of peace, love and justice.
  • To establish regular Salat (obligatory prayers) and Friday’s prayer at the Center.
  • To strengthen fraternal bonds and brotherly relations among Muslims.
  • To further the cooperation with other Islamic organizations of similar purposes, in achieving these goals and engage in such other activities as may be desirable or required to fulfill the purposes and objectives of IFL.
  • To promote better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • To present Islam to the people of other faiths.

Our vision is to provide a Central Islamic Center for all people in the Lincoln area, utilizing all avenues for Dawaa, while providing an Islamic Environment and Comprehensive Islamic Education to the next generation.

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Jummah Prayer

1:30 PM 

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