Visitors Obligations

Peace be upon all. We, the IFL, humbly welcome you to come visit our facility and place of worship. Whether you are a traveler, or just an individual who is interested in learning about the religion, the Islamic Foundation of Lincoln welcomes you in open arms. However, we do have a few rules and etiquette that must be followed prior to your visit. 

Requested Etiquette for Men and Women 

As Muslims, it is part of our belief that the both men and women dress modestly. For women, we ask that you wear clothing that covers the whole of your body. (Example; long skirt or dress, and long sleeve tops. Also a head scarf to cover the hair.) This is for Islamic purposes to avoid grabbing the attention of men. This applies to all, including Church groups, etc. We also expect all visitors to follow rules and etiquette of the Mosque while present. 

For Jama'a Tableegh: 

The IFL is known throughout the years to have many Jama'a come and go and partake in their intended activities. With that, we have a few requests that we ask you accept and follow before, and during your stay here. 

1.      You must give the IFL a minimum of a 24-hour notice prior to your intended stay so that we may be aware and approve of what is going on. 

2.      As leaders of the Masjid, it is our duty to ensure that all Hadith, knowledge, etc., that is spoken about in the Masjid is authentic and reliable. With that being said, the Jama'a is to NOT stand up and speak about or read from any text without having the Imam approve of prior to. The Imam also has all rights before all to give a lecture or short talk at any given time over others, so permission must be given beforehand in order to speak. We also kindly ask that the talks given are no longer than 5 minutes at a time, or longer than the promised time given.  

3.      While staying at the IFL, there is absolutely NO cooking inside of the Masjid itself. Cooking inside causes irritation to other individuals at the Masjid due to the strong smell and odor left behind. We also ask that the food you bring does not contain garlic and/or onions. 

4.      The Jama'a must clean up after themselves and not leave a mess behind during and after the stay. The Masjid is expected to be just as clean, if not, cleaner than it was before the stay. Any food, bedding, etc., left behind will be thrown away. 

Groups of other Faiths or organizations 

The IFL has had many presentations, talks, and get together with other groups of faiths and organizations. If you would like to set up an appointment to come visit the IFL we would be more than happy to help you out! 

If you would like us to give a presentation about Islam, or have a specific topic you would like us to talk about, we can arrange for that to happen. We would just like a minimum of 2 week notice so that it gives time to the speakers to arrange and put together a presentation suitable for you. 

Walk Ins 

Many individuals interested in Islam such as University students who would like to speak to someone and have questions answered should try to give at least a 24-hour notice so that we can arrange for someone to be here for you. If it is something that should be handled quicker, then you are welcome to drop by between Maghrib and Isha (refer to prayer times on main page) where there is usually board members or Imam present. This also applies to those in need of community service hours.